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Guess what was deep in the latest firmware update

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Guess what was deep in the latest firmware update

Post by yonny616 on Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:51 pm

That's a nice feature Nice!
With the latest Playstation 3 firmware update the main purpose was for 3D gaming. However deep within that firmware was reportedly code to allow Facebook to be more deeply integrated into the console.

Facebook is somewhat limited at the moment as it uses a console as a proxy, so it can access your data and show you who else is on both Facebook and the console, but most of the abilities are little more than a less sophisticated version of what you seen on your computer.

The new integration code will allow Facebook to access your information, and Sony would be able to incorporate that information into a game you are playing. According to a report by Forbes this integration will make games seem like they are tailored to the individual player.
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