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Post by Angelus the Wraith on Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:57 pm

I would make this myself, but most of you guys are better at photoshop than I am. Also, last time I made myself an avatar, people thought it was a man dancing, whe it was reallly: The man walking.

Anyway, this is what I want:

An Avatar that looks good

The Avatar has to be based around an image that represents a Wraith, or Red Dragon Angelus

It has to say "angelus" on it. (All lowercase, no quotations)

It has to have the "Only on PlayStation" symbol in either top corner (Bilingual, or english works)

Make it about 10' 11/16" wide x 5' 7/8" high. (The dimensions of PS3 box art)

Thanks in advance to everyone who will try making one, or bother reading this.
Angelus the Wraith
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