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Remember these gems on the N64? Yeah, they were never released..

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Remember these gems on the N64? Yeah, they were never released..

Post by SlySonji™ on Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:43 am

Mother 64

If there is any set of fans who have been shafted more than the Shenmue crowd, it has to be Earthbound fans. There have been titles like Earthbound 64 that were announced and ultimately never released, and there have been titles like Mother 1 and 3 that were never released in America. Earthbound for the SNES commands a hefty price on Ebay auctions, so there is still an undeniable interest in the series. The good folks at Starmen.net have created an excellent hub and resource for fans of the series, but Nintendo continually shows no interest in bringing the game to the states.
When Earthbound 64 was first announced and shown, it drew quite a few comparisons to the renowned Final Fantasy 7. The title was originally planned for the Nintendo 64DD, but it was eventually moved to the Nintendo 64 after the DD64 proved to be unsuccessful. It was going to be the third game in the series, but it was ultimately canceled. Six years later, Mother 3 was released on the GBA. The style and game altered drastically, and fans were left wondering about the Earthbound title that could have been.

Mario 64 2

Any canceled Mario title is a sad affair, but it’s even worse to know that there could have been even more Super Mario 64 goodness. Originally planned for the ill-fated 64DD, the sequel to Mario 64 was ultimately panned due to a lack of interest in the hardware. Miyamoto has stated that certain elements of the game carried over to future Mario titles, but it would have been interesting to see just what this title could have been.
Very little is known about the title, and Miyamoto has even stated that he cannot remember a lot of details about it, but one we do know is that multiplayer was originally planned to be included. It’s hard to say if this would have been competitive or friendly multiplayer, but regardless it would have been interesting to see. Shame on everyone for not buying or important the 64DD.

Star Fox 2

There are quite a few Nintendo fans out there who feel that Star Fox is not supported nearly as much as it should be. Whether or not this is true, the unreleased status of Star Fox 2 is not as shady or depressing as one may think. In fact, Miyamoto has said on a few occasions that about 1/3 of the content from the title went on to to be used in Star Fox 64.
The Japanese version of Star Fox 2 was fully completed, so there is the potential for Nintendo to one day release the title to the public. It would make for an interesting piece of history for the fans to enjoy, and it would help bridge the gap between Star Fox and Star Fox 64

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Re: Remember these gems on the N64? Yeah, they were never released..

Post by TheJubJub5721 on Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:34 pm

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Super Mario 64 2? The first was like the best game ever!
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